Hello Kitty - Right away


All of us have favorite animation character during childhood. We can easily see several types animation character in the movies and television. The leaders of animation movie industry are Disney and Warner Brothers. Disney, as a large movie industry, has Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Mickey Mouse, Pluto, and a lot of other famous classic and modern animation characters in their movies, while Warner Brothers has some heroic characters from Marvel Comics like Superman, Spiderman, Captain America, Batman. Despite those two big leaders on this industry, there is certainly Sanrio, containing released animated series for youngsters since 1977.



The animation character is Hello Kitty. The earliest animated number of Hello Kitty were titled Hello Kitty's Furry Tale Theater. It turned out broadcast during 1986. Dic entertainment helped Sanrio to create and broadcast the series in the new around the Family Channel for that audiences in the United States. On holiday, Hello Kitty series were dubbed using Spanish and broadcast every Fun on Univision. The cute Hello Kitty's face and good moral value in the story becomes the key reason why girls choose Hello Kitty and her pals as their favorite animation character. Hello Kitty and her pals are getting to be legend since that time; therefore today we still can easily see many women and kids love Hello Kitty.

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In Japan, Hello Kitty games reached success in 1992. The games became extremely popular, and played by children and teenagers inside their Nintendo NES. Those good appreciations make Hello Kitty games exist until today. During the history of gaming system, from Nintendo NES to Ps2 or X-Box, we could find many different versions of Hello Kitty games. People still love this animation character up to now.

Because of the success from the series and games, Sanrio because one who owns the Hello Kitty, can use the recognition to offer many products by using this animation characters. They produce many Hello Kitty Products and then sell them available on the market. The mark finance industry is children, students, and teenagers. To this day, we will find many Hello Kitty pictures printed on many t-shirts or pants for sale in stores. Stationery, books, drawing books, comics, bags, and lots of other things that are employed by students, girls, and teenagers will be the object of Hello Kitty Products. They purchase the items since they love Hello Kitty and everything which has Hello Kitty onto it. It implies that Hello Kitty retains big impact to the children until today.